Duck Rover


I'm an old duck rover from out in Montana,
I round up them duckies and drive them along,
To a flooded coral where we bulldog and brand 'em,
Mosey on home just a'singing this song.

Singin' quack, quack, yippee-ay, and quack, quack, yippee-oh,
Get along little duckies, get along real slow.
Well, it's dirty and smelly, and it really don't pay,
But I'll be a duck girl 'til the end of my days.
On Saturday night I ride into town,
On a short-legged pony with my hat pulled way down.
But the boys don't like duck girls and I can't figure why.
No cowgirl could be more romantic than I.
There's danger, adventure, and romance I know,
From a wild duck stampeed to a duck rodeo.
But there's loneliness too and it cuts to the bone.
Whey you smell like duck feathers you're always alone.