I'm a Nut

I'm a little acorn small and round,
Lying on the cold , cold ground,
Somebody steps on me,
That is why I'm flat you see,

*chorus: I'm a nut (snap, snap)
I'm a nut (snap, snap)
Iím a nut, Iím a nut (snap, snap)

Called myself on the telephone,
Just to see if I was home,
Asked myself out on a date,
Gotta be ready by half past eight!
Took myself to the picture show,
Sat me down in the very first row,
Wrapped my arms around my waist,
I got fresh I slapped my face!
I can sing and I can dance
I got ruffles on my opps
Boys take another guess
Iíve got ruffles on my dress
Coca-cola went to town
Pepsi cola shot him down
Dr. Pepper fixed him up
Now we all drink 7UP
7UP got the flu
Now we all drink Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew went to jail
Now we all drink Ginger Ale