I'm a Rambler, I'm a Gambler

*Chorus: Iím a rambler Iím a gambler
Iím a long way from home
And if you donít like me then, then leave me alone
Iíll eat when Iím hungry, Iíll drink when Iím dry
And if the moonshine donít kill me, Iíll till I die

Iíve been a moonshiner for many a year
Iíve spent all my money on Whiskey and beer
Iíll go to my hollow and set up my stool
Iíd bid you a gallon for a ten dollar bill
Dear monshine oh moonshine oh how I love you
You killed my poor father but dare you kill me
Bless all the moonshiners and bless all the moonshine
For his breath smells as good as dew on the line