It Ain't Gonna Rain No More

*Chorus: It ainít gonna rain no more, no more
It ainít gonna rain no more
So how in the heck can I wah my neck
If it ainít rain no more

A peanut sat on a railroad track
Itís heart was all a flutter
Along came the 4:15
Toot, toot, peanut butter
A hen and a chicken went for a walk
Just to stretch their legs
A motor car came round the bend
TOOT, TOOT, ham and eggs
Oh! The night was dark and dreary
The air was full of sleet
The old man stood out in the storm
His shoes were full of feet
An old man lay by a sewer
And by the sewer he died
Now, at the coronerís request
They called it sewer-side
A golf ball sailiní through the air
Whizzed by a man a humminí
He heard a caddy hollar ďFore!Ē
Aní we thought three more were cominí
My father built a chimney
He built up so high
He had to take it down each night
To let the moon go by