When I was young I thought the stars
Were made for wishing on
And every hole deep in a tree
Would hide a leprechaun
Old houses all had secret rooms
If one could find the key
I do believe in magic, I believe

*Chorus: Magic is the sun
That makes the rainbow out of rain
And magic keeps the dream alive
To try and try again
Magic is the love that stays
When good friends have to leave
I do believe in magic, I believe

Growing up, a grown-up said
Someday Id awake to find
That magic was childhood game
Id have to leave behind
Likes clothes that Id outgrown
Or toys that Id ignore
Id not believe in magic anymore
When I grew up I woke one day
And much to my surprise
Magic did not fade away
It took a new disguise
A child, a game, a smile, a song
The courage to stand tall
I do believe in magic after all
I do believe in magic-
Loves the greatest magic
I do believe in magic, I believe