Marblehead Morning

Itís a Marblehead morning colored cobblestone gray
Coming on strong to a New England day
The harbors are forests of tall sailing trees
Getting ready to sail on a mid-morning breeze

(Chorus 1)
Fair is my captain, I long to tell him so
Haul away, heave away, heís going to sail away
Good times are passing by, high tide is running high
Haul away, heave away, heís going to leave today

For three hundred years of going to sea
The Marblehead men left the woman to keep
A close watch upon the fine line between
The blue of the sky and the green of the sea

(Chorus 2)
Farewell, good Jonell
How I wish I could stay
Good-bye, first love of mine
Look for my sail on the first day of may

Out ancestors sailed on a day such as this
Widows watch curtains hung in the gray morning mist
While up on the commons a church chime would ring
And down on the landing a young maiden sings

(group splits Ĺ sing chorus and other Ĺ sing chorus 2)

Itís a marblehead morning colored cobblestone gray
As long as Iím gone, Iíll remember today