Wake Me Up Gently

In the early morniní
When the sun is creepiní
Into my bedroom while Iím still sleepiní
I know youíll be tempted to try and wake me up
Iíll have a heart attack if that alarm sounds
If you pour water on me, Iím apt to drown
To shake the bed is like to send me into shock

*chorus: You gotta wake me up gently
Wake me up slow
Wake me up like a mellow love song
On the radio
Well, I never did like sudden starts
You know they
Hurt yours eyes and break your heart
Wake me up gently
Wake me slow

Well I once knew a lady with yellow hair
Who slept like a log and roared like a bear
Perchance you should meet her when she woke
Well I donít know where sheís living now
Who shares her bed
Who make her smile
But whoever you are thereís something you should know
Well I can see by the glow in the moonlight
That you are also a creature of the night
So take a chance and run with me a while
Well I donít always act just like I should
But Iíve been told by some Iím very good
I run through the night like a nova star gone wild